Including Simple Sagas in your project

Latest version

Include core saga dependencies in your build file:

  • Group ID: io.simplesource
  • Artifact ID: simplesaga-<module>
  • Version: ?.?.? - Latest version in Maven Central, as in above badge.

Where <module> is one or more of:

  • saga - the Saga coordinator
  • kafka - the action processor
  • serialization - serialization helpers (recommended)

Getting the source

Core repo

git clone

Scala repo

git clone


Ensure your local developer machine has the following tools installed

IntelliJ setup

If you choose to use IntelliJ as your IDE, make sure you have the Maven and Lombok plugins installed.

Building the source code

Simply run the following:

make build

Running sample code

The Sample code is now in the Scala Repo

From the project folder for this repo, in separate terminal windows:

  1. Start kafka stack
     docker-compose up
  2. Start the command processor, the action processor and the saga coordinator:

     sbt "user/runMain io.simplesource.saga.user.all.App"
  3. Run the client app to submit some saga requests
     sbt "user/runMain io.simplesource.saga.user.client.App"

The Kafka topics are created as required.

If it all runs correctly, you should see some console output that ends with some log output:

09:02:24.725 [saga-...] INFO  SagaStream - stateTransitionsActionResponse: 1b230f=SagaActionStatusChanged(1b230fc9-fa9b-40f7-8007-01e5831f4d93,a2ad32f5-54b0-43b4-bb24-49678e508c56,Completed)
09:02:24.963 [saga-...] INFO  SagaStream - sagaState: 1b230f=InProgress=>5-(e06ac7,Completed)-(719a58,Completed)-(a2ad32,Completed)
09:02:25.222 [saga-...] INFO  SagaStream - sagaState: 1b230f=Completed=>6-(e06ac7,Completed)-(719a58,Completed)-(a2ad32,Completed)