IDE setup

Intellij IDEA

Download and install IntelliJ IDEA from

Install the Lombok and Maven plugins. They can be found under Preferences -> Plugins -> Browse Repositories.

More information on Project Lombok


Install the Lombok Plugin as described here.

Local Kafka development setup

Although you can install and run Kafka locally we suggest using pre-built Docker images as a much more reliable and productive way to develop.

The simplest way to start is to use one of the docker-compose.yml files provided in the example project as a basis.

A typical Kafka Docker Compose stack consists of the following container instances:

  • A Zookeeper instance
  • One or more instances of a Kafka broker
  • An instance of the Confluent Schema Registry if you are using Avro to serialize the messages on Kafka

In addition you may also want to include a Kafka Connect instance if your development includes streaming to a projection database or search engine.

Once you have installed Docker, create a docker-compose.yml file to define the docker containers that you want to run.

To run these containers:

$ docker-compose up

Press Ctrl-C to stop the services. To stop and remove them:

$ docker-compose down

See the Docker Compose docs for more information.


Example docker-compose.yml files are given below: